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Phone: +  44 207 370 2511

Mobile: + 44 7956 3920 82



Hi, I am a registered Blue Badge Guide.

I am qualified to guide in German, English, French and Spanish, but I also speak some Hebrew. 

I grew up in Germany and Belgium before moving to France at the age of 19 to study French. I came to live in London in 1977, and qualified as a Blue Badge Guide in 1979. I was drawn to the profession as I have a passion for history and I enjoy communicating this passion to others. As guiding in London is mainly confined to 8 months of the year, I spent some of my winters living and working abroad, in countries like Spain, Mexico and Israel. 

In my early independent years I traveled extensively both for my own enjoyment and as a tour director. I have taken groups of different nationalities around Europe, North America and the Far East, including China, as early as 1982. 

My other passion in life is horses. I have been a rider from an early age and have worked in various fields of the equine world, from riding schools to racing to working on location in movies and traveling with horses by air. I still ride regularly although I have given up riding out race horses due to family commitments. 

I have enjoyed guiding groups of different nationalities and a great diversity of interests. Needless to say that guiding groups with equine interests comes very high on my list. 

As I am now married with two daughters I confine my guiding to day tours from London.


Insa Hausdorff

Blue Badge Guide

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